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Timed Auction

Estatesales: Churchill Galleries Early Spring Auction

March 10, 2024

Churchill Galleries is proud to present our sale of antiques, paintings, fine art, Male / Female nude watercolor and sketches, Chinese collection, Asian porcelain and statues, Currie Ives Lithographs as well as Currier & Ives style lithographs, Jean Mannheim oil paintings, Inca, Aztec collection, Pre – Columbian collection, Native American Indian collection, Royal Copenhagen collection, Antique Golf Clubs, 1700s Book collection, Master paintings, Currier & Ives book collection, Soviet Union space pins, WW2 pins, Civil war book collection, jewelry: 14k, 18k and 22k gold collection, European Royalty book collection, Maps, Nautical Maritime collection, nautical maps, Maritime pulleys, Maritime signs , maritime potholes, English 1800s barometers, and much more!

Auction Starts at:

5:00 pm
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