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Churchill Galleries Peter Keil Collection

July 7, 2024

Churchill Galleries is proud to present its finest new sale of artworks by Peter Robert Keil. Peter Keil is a contemporary painter whose dynamic shapes and impressive choice of colors have remained popular from generation to generation of art collectors. Keil’s energetic artworks are primarily oil-based paint on canvas, board, cardboard, ceramic and any other medium that will transport his vibrant primary colors and keen social commentary. Keil was one of the now infamous Neo-Expressionist “Grossen Wilden?? (Young Fauves) sharing the limelight with his friends Elvira Bach, Rainer Fetting, and George BaseIitz. Later, the young Keil developed friendships with fellow artists Juan Miró, Andy Warhol, and even exchanged comments on art with Picasso and Salvador Dalí. Peter Keil’s work can be found at art exhibitions, museums and galleries, private collections, in offices and hotels, and some of the leading auction houses in Europe – CITED From : GRAND BOHEMIAN GALLERY.

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